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Minutes 3rd Aug 2011


August 19, 2011 by oswestrychamberoftrade

Oswestry & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Minutes of Meeting held on Wednesday 3rd August 2011
6pm at the Wynnstay Hotel
Chairman; Martin Anderson (MA)

MA welcomed those present to the meeting. Each person attending was asked to briefly introduce

Matters arising since last meeting
Take To The Streets 2 – it was reported that this event was well received in Oswestry and a success.
Various members reported a greater footfall through their shops and it was felt that the event
brought lots of people into the town.

Play day – also felt this was a success with lots of fun had at the same time.

Name of chamber – at the previous meeting members felt that the chamber needed to
alter/modernise it’s name and logo. An MC member put forward several ideas for names on behalf
of the MC; ‘Oswestry Chamber’, drop the name ‘Industry’ from the current, ‘Oswestry Chamber of
Commerce’. Members present felt that the latter was the preferred name, however, it was decided
to propose this name on the chamber website for one month and for anyone to come forward with
objections/alternatives within that period, after which we will look for designs for a new logo.

Advertiser – they have offered a monthly column in the paper; 250 words. All felt this was a good
idea although some slight concerns about condensing everything we wanted to say in 250 words.

Stakeholder meetings
1. Meetings have taken place with council officials; MA reported on what he had found out from
discussion with OTC and SC representatives.

There are two pots of money:
– Market towns revitalisation programme
– Monies re Smithfield development
The OTC have invited the chamber to meet with them in September.

The market town revitalisation programme has various criteria to be met, mainly centred around
economic aspects.

The monies are capital in nature (not revenue) therefore will not be spent on wages but more likely
one-off projects.

Members asked about the area which the funding covers; Market Town money is thought to
encompass a wider geographic area than the Smithfield development monies.
Members reported that they feel the boundaries of expenditure within the funding are not clear.
Various members expressed concerns that the monies maybe diverted to other projects which
should have been financed from other sources.

The above sparked a debate about various town funding and other issues:

Mile End information point – members felt this doesn’t drive business into the town.

It was suggested that project ideas for the funding monies should be discussed with other
organisations that have economic and business interets in Oswestry.

Pubwatch group have ideas which they wish to share with the chamber and other groups. It was also
recommended that request for ideas be invited from the public.

Comments were expressed about the scrutiny that bids receive when being considered and is there
anything the Chamber can do?

The chamber will try to get a guest speaker from the council to talk specifically about funding; how
to apply for it / criteria etc.

Members commented that communication throughout Oswestry needs improvement; signage, etc.

Possibility of having a ‘what’s on’ board in Town.

It’s important our imagination goes into the town, although members aware that problems arise
because funding monies have to be spent within a certain amount of time which may mean projects
get pushed through that are not necessarily the best/most effective ideas.

It was suggested the chamber set up a forum for ideas on its website.

Members feel it’s important to forge strong links with the council and also to challenge ideas if

2. Frank Francis (chairman of Pubwatch) was welcomed to the meeting. FF set out the aims and
objectives of Pubwatch and expressed his desire to work in partnership with the Chamber.

3. MA has spoken with Phil Jones of the (Oswestry showground) who has been invited to come and
speak at a future meeting.

Plans/speakers at future meetings

September 7th is the next meeting date. Paul Wiseman will be speaking on the subject ‘what to do if
your company has a thief’.


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