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AGM Meeting Minutes – 6th April 2011


May 18, 2011 by oswestrychamberoftrade


6th APRIL 2011

Item 1 – Introduction & Elections ACTION
1 Gemma Syrett-Judd of Honeysuckle wholefoods opened the AGM meeting explaining that due to the fact that the Chamber was currently being run by an interim management committee that the normal AGM procedures could not be adhered to.Therefore there would be no annual report and no treasurer’s report as this information had not yet been made available.Instead she informed members that the nominated candidates would say a few words and then members would be asked to vote.
1.2 Martin Anderson – Pharmaceutical Health care consultant nominated as Chair spoke about his passion for Oswestry Town Centre, and about the skills and knowledge he would use in helping to move the chamber forward. For more information about Martin please visit
1.3 Wendy Unwin – Co-owner The Gates gift shop on Church Street nominated as Vice Chair also spoke about her passion for Oswestry Town Centre and the need for business’ and organisations to work together in partnership to enhance the town centre. For more info about Wendy please visit
1.4 Louise Fitton – Partner at D.R.E Accountants on Lower Brook StreetSpoke about her financial skills, and how she would like to aid the Chamber in facilitating some of knowledge to the members through training etc… For more info about Louise please visit
1.5 Gemma Syrett-Judd informed members that the rest of the positions were for elected executive committee members. Their responsibility would be to aid the officers, and help with the division of labour the nominees for elected executive committee members were:Gemma Syrett-Judd – Honey Suckle WholefoodsLinda Clarke – Linda la la land

John Waine – Best of Oswestry

Bev Gallloway – Earthlink / Good Vibrations

Carrie Morris – Booka Bookshop

Rachel Edwards – RePlay It

Gemma stated that unfortunately no nominations had yet come forward for secretary, and that these duties would be shared until this position was filled.

1.6 Ted Hollywell proposed that Wendy Unwin stand as Secretary as opposed to Vice Chair as he felt Chamber members needed a secretary to whom correspondence etc.. could be forwarded.
1.7 Wendy Unwin stated that due to her commitments as a secretary to other organisations she was unable to take on this role.
1.8 Ted Hollywell stated that he felt it was important that a secretary was put in position, and would anyone else be interested.
1.9 Linda Clarke nominated herself for this position.
1.10 Gemma Syrett-Judd then moved to the election and asked for a show of hands for each of the officer and executive committee positions. The result was as follows:Martin Anderson                  CHAIRWendy Unwin                       VICE CHAIR

Louise Fitton                         TREASURER

Linda Clarke                         SECRETARY

John Waine                          Elected executive committee member

Rachel Edwards                  Elected executive committee member

Carrie Morris                                    Elected executive committee member

Beverley Galloway              Elected executive committee member

Gemma Syrett-Judd                        Elected executive committee member

Item 2 – New Committee
2.1 Martin Anderson took over the meeting, stating the new chamber plans to meet regularly on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 6pm with the first meeting to take place on June 1st.  The venue is TBC. MA
2.2 The management committee (MC) will meet in the interim to plan a strategy for moving the chamber forward. MC
2.3 Martin Anderson stated that the new chamber aims to work with members to produce a strategy of what members would like out of the chamber. He stated that they will look to inviting speakers, and collaborate with other groups e.g Civic Society, Tourist board etc…He stated that it is hoped that the chamber can provide an essential forum for training and resource sharing. He then asked for feedback from members.
2.4 John Waine Stated that Oswestry currently has one of the lowest levels of business start-ups in Shropshire and many new businesses do not survive their first five years, and therefore felt that a forum for training, and resource and skills sharing would be vital in improving these statistics.
2.5 Ingrid Knowles recommended that a meeting agenda went out at least a week in advance allowing members to add items they wished to raise at meetings. MC

2.6 John Waine suggested that any members wishing to raise issues with the chamber or add items to future agenda should email them to
Or contact one of the officers contact details will be made available to all members
2.7 Ted Hollywell Proposed on behalf of Yossi Gliksman that in order to encourage new membership that membership should be free for a 12 month period, he said he Seconded this notion and would like a vote. He justified this by stating that the current financial situation of the chamber was good enough not to need the finances for the coming year.
2.8 It was stated by a member that any vote of this kind would need to be dependent a full set of accountants. It was suggested that a full financial report should be on the agenda of the next meeting. Louise Fitton as the new treasurer agreed to liaise with Yossi Gliksman to retrieve this information. LF
2.8 Wendy Unwin stated that many individuals had already joined & paid their fees and may be disgruntled by this.
2.9 Carrie Morris stated that there would be no value to the Chamber if membership were free. Ingrid Knowles agreed.
2.10 Linda Clarke suggested that potential members be allow to attend the first three meeting for free prior to making a decision as to whether or not to join. Many members agreed with this idea.
2.11 Gemma Syrett-Judd            spoke about how many new membership forms she had received over the last few weeks with little promotion or recruiting being done.
2.12 Ted Hollywell removed his proposal on the basis of the information given about recent increase in membership.
2.13 Christine Hill suggested a possible buddy system, for example could she represent others at some meetings and vice versa, many members thought this was a great idea MC
Item 3 – Group Discussion & Networking
3.1 Martin Anderson asked all members to think about the issues they face in their business either training wise or other so the Chamber could establish a strategy of how to meet some of these needs through future meetings. Members broke off into groups with a committee member in each taking notes. Full details of the outcome of this part of the meeting will be discussed at meeting on 1st June.
3.2 Martin Anderson stated that networking time would be incorporated into all future chamber meetings.
3.3 A short discussion took place about some of the issues raised. Ted Hollywell stated that the Chamber should contact the SPC (Strategic Planning Committee) and stipulate that members did not wish for a Retail development on the Smithfield and would prefer the central carpark site.
3.4 Jessie Miller said that the only way now to oppose any development on the Smithfield would be if the terms in the Section 106 agreement were not satisfactory.
3.5 Another member sated that this was not a chamber purely for Retail and that if the Chamber gets bogged down in this fight then it will continue to decline and will alienate members from business’ other than retail. Other members strongly agreed.
3.6 Wendy Unwin stated that we have at least two years maybe more before anything is built on the Smithfield, and she feels that the focus should be on all business’s working together to improve the current town centre offering, making it a great town to work, socialise, and shop in. That way regardless of what happens out-of-town people will continue to use to town centre.
3.7 Richard Hughes stated that he would like to officially thank Yossi Gliksmans for his many years of hard work and dedication as chamber chair.
Item 4 – Any other business/next meeting
4.1 The meeting was brought to a close. The date for the next meeting of the new Chamber of Commerce will be at 6pm on Wednesday June 1st  venue would probably be the Wynnstay Hotel but would be confirmed.


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