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Latest on Oswestry road diversions for Gas Mains Replacement.


January 9, 2012 by oswestrychamberoftrade

LATEST: As a consequence of Gas Mains Replacement Works, there are a few road diversions in Oswestry for three weeks from Jan 9th.  Here’s our current understanding:

The works are situated at the bottom of Willow St by the Cross.  Pedestrian traffic is fine and unchanged.

For vehicle traffic:

Access to Willow St & New St 24/7

Access is from the top of Willow St i.e. the junction with Welsh Walls and Castle St.  You can drive down Willow St and down as far as New St.  There will be no on-street parking.

Access to Church St & Cross St 24/7

Cross St and Church St will become one-way (from Cross St to Church St).  So access to Church St is via Cross St.

If you get to the mini-roundabout of Festival Square from Upper Church St, you will be unable to drive down Church St and need to turn right and follow the road around English Walls, up Leg St, to come along Cross St to get to Church St.

This is the latest information we have.  We shall update when we get more info and/or clarity.  Hope it is useful.


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