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Essential Gas Mains Replacement Work : Oswestry – Update


February 13, 2012 by oswestrychamberoftrade

Essential Gas Mains Replacement Work : Oswestry : Update


Essential gas mains replacement work on Willow Street, Oswestry

Monday 13th February, 2012

Progress is being maintained on this project with another insertion this week which will take the work to the junction of Castle Street and Welsh Walls. We are currently on schedule to complete this project on time.

Two teams have been working seven days a week to ensure this project’s prompt completion and local shop owners have been very co-operative.

Monday 30th January, 2012

Good progress is being made in Willow Street with no major issues being encountered.

Two 2-man teams have been working Saturdays and Sundays to complete this work as quickly as possible. WWU is now three weeks into this replacement programme and 180metres of 4” steel will have been replaced by Friday 3rd February.

Some delivery issues have been raised by Wilkinson’s Store as their vehicle cannot reverse as required. However, this issue should be resolved as soon as this section has been reinstated.

Wednesday 18th January, 2012

This essential gas mains replacement project on Willow Street began on Monday 9th January as scheduled with two 2-man teams working seven days a week.

As agreed with the local Highways Authority, a road closure is in place on Willow Street/Church Street Junction for three weeks from 9th January. However, work is continuing well and the road will reopen one week ahead of schedule on Monday 23rd January.

So far, work at eight businesses in Willow Street has been completed and 80 metres of gas mains have been replaced.

Because of the high number of shops, restaurants and flats in Willow Street – and in order to minimise inconvenience to businesses and their clients – Wales & West Utilities’ engineers are working late at night, including weekends, after these businesses close.

We have been in contact with local businesses over deliveries and ‘off gas’ timings and co-operation has been excellent.



Essential gas mains replacement work on College Road, Oswestry

Monday 13th February 2012

Unfortunately, because of essential operational requirements elsewhere in Mid Wales, Maple Avenue is 2/3 weeks behind schedule. The College Road part of the project, which was due to begin today (Monday 13th February) will now be delayed by two weeks. An additional team will be brought in to assist with this section of the programme which should help to speed up progress and allow the lost time to be regained.

Customers involved in the replacement work shave been very helpful and complimentary about the work teams.

Tuesday 31st January 2012

170 metres of plastic mains have so far been laid and ten domestic services have been renewed. Reinstatement work is now under way on Maple Avenue and residents have been very helpful and co-operative on site.

The replacement work will move to the other side of Maple Avenue and Lilac Close during this week commencing 30th January with an extra team being introduced on site to help to speed up the process.

Tuesday 17th January, 2012

This essential gas mains replacement project began on Monday 9th January as scheduled with a 2-man team working on Maple Avenue. So far, five services have been re-laid and the first gas main insertion of 175m is planned for Friday 20th January.

The project is on target at present and it is our intention where necessary to undertake some weekend working in order to keep the programme on schedule.

We are receiving excellent co-operation from local residents


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