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Minutes of Oswestry Chamber of Commerce meeting 1 August 2012


August 8, 2012 by oswestrychamberoftrade

Minutes of Oswestry Chamber of Commerce meeting 1 August 2012

The Chairman welcomed members to the meeting.

Items discussed:

Dairy farmers price dispute

Paul Wiseman asked that the Chamber support local dairy farmers in their dispute with the dairies by making a declaration of support which could be reported in the next edition of the Oswestry Chronicle and would also be minuted. This was seconded by a fellow member of the group.

Oswestry 2020

Ingrid Knowles informed those present about the Oswestry 2020 neighbourhood / town plan. Key points were:

  • Designed to be community led plan for Oswestry for the next 7 years
  • Shropshire Council and OTC are involved; there is £38k put aside by OTC to assist with building the plan
  • External consultants have been appointed to assist
  • They are looking for ideas from the local community to shape the future of the town and a questionnaire will be issued to residents
  • Areas Os 2020 are looking at via steering groups are; education, business, youth/children, social and community
  • For more information visit –

Some early issues regarding the process have been identified:

  • Consultants were appointed without discussion with interested parties outside the council
  • The process appears to be going at speed and some are questioning why such a fast pace is necessary for such an important task
  • Will there be enough time to gather a comprehensive document and plan by early 2013?
  • What angle will the Chamber of Commerce take as regards the business section of the discussions?

Martin Anderson reported that this is an open invitation for Oswestry people to get involved and that focus is required to determine what the most important issues are.

A discussion amongst those present raised the following comments:

  • What will the Council do to provide access to new businesses in Oswestry?
  • Rates are killing the town centre
  • Smithfield development and its impact on the plans
  • Oswestry should have an ‘individual’ high street that is affordable for small business to give them the best chance of survival
  • How will money be allocated?

The next Os 2020 meeting will be Thursday 16th August 6pm and then Tuesday 4th September 6pm.


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