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Thoughts on the new name of Oswestry & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry


July 7, 2011 by oswestrychamberoftrade

We’d like your views on changing the name of the chamber.  This has come about because many people have said the existing name is “old-fashioned” and that a new name would support the growth of the chamber in coming years.

We also want to settle on a name that can be put forward to design our new logo.

Here are the four options that have been identified:

1. The Oswestry Chamber of Commerce

2. The Oswestry Chamber of Trade & Tourism

3. The Oswestry Chamber

4. The Oswestry Chamber of Commerce & Industry


Whether to stick with “Oswestry & District” or  use “Oswestry” as the designator.

This does not alter the reach of the chamber which includes Oswestry and all it’s surrounding towns and villages both sides of the border.

SO, please share your thoughts here by adding a comment, or email us at


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