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The New Oswestry Town Plan/First Meeting


August 4, 2010 by oswestrychamberoftrade

The first meeting to discuss the proposed “refreshing” of the Oswestry Town Plan took place at the Memorial Hall, Oswestry on Wed 14th July.

The meeting was well attended and started with an introduction into the nature of the process by Kate Garner, Shropshire Council.

There are many aspects to the Town Plan covering the local economy, communities, health, leisure, education and so on.  Each of these aspects will have a Working Group tasked to bring together the important issues and views of people on that topic.

Those who wished to be involved as part of the Steering Group were asked to express their interest.  A Steering Group meeting will be held on Wed 1st Sep to start the process of co-ordinating the creation/identification of  the Working Groups.

It was thought that there would be one meeting a month.  The work will largely involve gathering together an accurate representative assessment of the views of the people of Oswestry.  This information will form the basis for writing the new Oswestry Town Plan.

The target is to deliver the Oswestry Town Plan by Sep 2011.


It is thought that with the Coalition Government’s emphasis on “localism” supported by suggestion from Shropshire Council officers, that such Local Plans will hold more weight in future planning and organisational decision-making.

We will see.  It’s a new process, it does have some funding, but my feeling is that we need to set off on the right foot and do so intelligently so as to make the best use of the money we do have.

I attended this meeting as a representative of the Oswestry Chamber of Commerce and will share this role with others who are interested in attending.

John Waine
The Best Of Oswestry


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