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Shropshire Council Draft Parking Strategy


July 22, 2010 by oswestrychamberoftrade

The council’s DRAFT Parking Strategy will affect every Market Town in a big way.  Have a look at the report in detail for yourself by following the link: Parking Strategy and work you way down the page to “Related Information” and click on the “Committee Report June 2010”.

At the bottom of that page – never said it was easy 🙂 – there’s a link to the full draft PDF report.

To find out more: Responsible Officer Andy Goldsmith
Email: Telephone: 01743 251017

Here’s the summary:

A Parking Strategy for Shropshire has been developed to provide a consistent
approach to parking across the county. Prior to Shropshire Council, off-street
car parks fell within the control of district and borough councils, and on-street
parking was within the control of the county council.

The availability and effective use of car parking is an important tool in
managing traffic and local environmental quality and has a role in supporting
local economic vitality. It is important therefore that a coherent approach to
utilizing this asset is taken by Shropshire Council, whilst reflecting the local
issues in market towns.

The Strategy aim is to manage the existing parking stock in Shropshire with
particular emphasis on the market towns. Any changes to provision are being
looked at in the next Local Transport Plan for Shropshire from April 2011.
The parking strategy does not set parking charges but does establish the
relative pricing and principles for charging. Any changes in parking charges
as a result of the strategy proposals will need to be implemented according to
agreed council procedures. This includes formal public consultation where
new charges are proposed.

In making the recommendations the Strategy aims to balance the following
key factors:
 Enhance and support local economies in all of the market towns;
 Manage the car park stock, prioritising by price the prime spaces;
 Provide an income to allow the car parks to be operated without
additional requirement on Council Tax; and Cabinet, 30 June 2010:

Shropshire Parking Strategy
Contact: Andy Goldsmith on 01743 251017 2

In areas where alternatives are available, such as bus and park and
ride, this can be encouraged and supported by the pricing structure of
parking for that town.

Overall it is the intended aim that the Parking Strategy should work in
conjunction with proposals in the emerging Market Towns Revitalisation
Programme, which Shropshire Council is developing and will be reported to
Cabinet in due course.


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