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March 12, 2012 by oswestrychamberoftrade

Dear All

As you know the Chamber of Commerce, working closely with Footfall and both Oswestry Town and Shropshire Councils are developing a bid for Oswestry to become a Portas Town ‘pilot’.

The Portas Report sets out a vision that “High Streets of the future should be multi-functional and social places bustling with people, services and jobs which offer a clear and compelling purpose and experience that’s not available elsewhere, and which meets the needs and interest of the local people”.

We support this vision. Our application will reflect this and will be strengthened by the support of local people and groups such as yours.

Time is too short for proper engagement and dialogue as the application needs to be in by the end of March, but the application can be seen as the beginning of a process and we intend for this discussion and conversation to continue beyond the bid itself.

The application will seek to build on Oswestry’s culture and heritage, and reflect the many strengths that we have. It will emphasise that we wish to see more and more people enjoying their town and participating in its life. We would like to make it easier for people, local groups and businesses to take part in town centre activities and make it easy and fun for people to make things happen in their town.

Some of the things to consider that we have identified to date include:
– Promotion of Town-wide licensing
– Re-mapping town space to identify suitable performance/activity spaces
– Appointing a Town Team Co-ordinator to be point of access and facilitator
– Invitation of re-mapped town & opportunities showing how to get involved.
– An Annual Street Performance Budget
– and more!

We aim to re-brand the town – showing the spaces, the calendar, contact details and would produce a brochure/pack with new town mapping, showing performance spaces, yearly calendar, examples of what can be done and stories of groups who have engaged with the town – basically an INVITATION to PARTICIPATE and enjoy the town.

Can you reply to <> within 10 days confirming that your organisation is happy for its name to be included on the list of organisations supporting this application?

Thank you
Martin Anderson Buz Thomas
Oswestry Chamber of Commerce Footfall


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