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Oswestry Chamber response to SAMDEV Hillfort Housing proposal


March 20, 2013 by oswestrychamberoftrade

Response to the Consultation on Housing Developments on Sites in the Vicinity of Old Oswestry Hill Fort – SAMDev Draft Policy Consultation OSW002, OSW003, and OSW004

Dear Sir/ Madam

At their meeting on 6 March, the Oswestry Chamber of Commerce discussed Shropshire Council proposals to permit housing development on sites in the vicinity of Old Oswestry Hill Fort.

Members objected strongly to these proposals.

Old Oswestry Hill Fort is an ancient monument comparable in importance to the world renowned Maiden Castle in Dorset. Members recognise the need for more affordable houses, but this important local asset should be protected and ‘developed’ in a sensitive manner that enhances the Hill Fort as a visitor attraction, as part of an integrated tourism strategy.

The local economy will become increasingly dependent on income from tourism in the coming years, taking advantage of the many local attractions, and the Hill Fort must feature as a major factor in this regard. The Oswestry Hill Fort could bring many thousands of visitors to the area, with the accompanying increase in revenue to the local economy.

Therefore, housing development proposals on any of the sites in the vicinity of the Hill Fort must be refused as they would irreparably damage the potential to develop this important monument as a nationally important attraction.

Yours Faithfully

Martin Anderson

Chair, Oswestry Chamber of Commerce


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