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Proposed BBC Radio Shropshire Cuts – contribute to the debate.


October 12, 2011 by oswestrychamberoftrade

We have received the following email about proposed cuts to BBC Radio Shropshire’s creative output as a consequence of national proposals (see below).  We would encourage any business person who has concerns about the impact of such cuts on the local economy and community to contribute to the debate:

Please see below the email from Tim Beech, BBC Radio Shropshire:

“…here are the local broadcasting implications of the BBC’s Delivering Quality First proposals. Of course it’s a matter for you how you choose to view the merit or otherwise of these proposals, but I felt it might be helpful for you to see some of the detail. I’d also be very happy to talk through some more of the background if you feel you need more information.

BBC Radio Shropshire is due to have its staffing budget cut by 20% as a result of the BBC’s Delivering Quality First programme.

The proposals mean that we will lose around 33 hours of Shropshire generated programmes every week. The shows that will disappear are:

·         Ian Perry’s Early Breakfast Show (Monday to Friday 5-6am)
·         Colin Young’s lunchtime show (Monday to Friday 12-3pm)
·         Marie Crichton’s Country Show (Mondays 7-9pm)
·         Sport (Tuesdays 7-9pm except football coverage)
·         John Hellings’ Jazz (Wednesdays 7-9pm)
·         Colin Young’s Trunk of Funk (Thursdays 7-9pm)
·         Jim Hawkins’ Saturday Rock Show (Saturdays 6-9pm)
·         Paul Shuttleworth’s Sunday Show (Sundays 1-3pm)
·         Genevieve Tudor’s Folk Show (Sundays 7-9pm)

In the process we will be losing around a fifth of the station’s staff – this equates to 8.2 jobs, assuming an “average earner” leaves.

BBC Radio Shropshire currently reaches 30.5% of the Shropshire population every week (115,000 people), 25,000 of whom listen to no other BBC service.   

If you are interested in reading more about the context to these proposals, they are available at If you have any views, the BBC Trust is encouraging as many licence fee payers as possible to respond at  before a final decision is taken on the changes proposed to services. This is now open and runs until December 21st.

We would be grateful if you and others would like to contribute to this public consultation.


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